As you can see in this 3-D Design of the bike frame with newly designed wheel system, I have now resolved and patented the balance of the issues with Fat Tire Bicycles.

Many, if not all, Fat Tire Bikes just took a standard bicycle design and tried to adapt it to fit a Large Tire and Rims. This system does not work for many reasons.

As you widen the BB and Crank Arm distance to get wider wheels, you impact the riders Q Factor and therefore his efficiency and ability to adequately cross train between different types of bicycles.

The Fat Tire Industry’s Bike Design forces them to continue to widen the BB width as the wheels and tires get bigger. By taking the Chain Stay or Bottom Rear Fork out of the equation, as shown, the whole system is out of a 220 mm rotation around the BB. Therefore you can have any size crank arm length and this crank arm is still out of interference with the Chain Stay or Bottom Rear Fork.

This system allows my current Wheel / Tire System to work more efficiently with no future extensions on the BB. It also allows all existing Fat Tire BB / Crank Systems to work on this frame. In addition, this system will allow an even wider tire up to 6”+.

Back in the early 90’s there was a company that made a bike called NISHIKI which was similar to this design, but the purpose we completely different as this was designed for a standard Mountain Bike. This was designed for one purpose and was designed before it’s time.

As this was done over 20 years ago it is not an open patent. So by taking some of this design and using it for another specific purpose in the Fat Tire Bike Industry, and for a bicycle which has a wheel system that is over 3” in width we have redesigned this system for the fat Tire Bicycle Industry and made it Unique for that purpose and for the purpose of resolving the larger wheels and the drive systems.

This redesign is unique to only the Fat Tire Bike Industry and can now be re-patented juts for that. As the Fat Tire Bikes have only been out for about 7 to 8 years and the fact no one has ever used this design for hat purpose and the fact we have now filed a patent and have Patent Pending Status number 61/962,906.

We now own and hold this patent for Fat Tire Bikes as this is unique to resolve the drive train issues and Fat Wheel system issues and not for it’s original purpose. This also allow for the Full Suspension fat tire Bike which is currently not being produced at this time in any way for sales .

This system can also be used to create a Full Suspension Fat Tire Bicycle. This Full Suspension Bikes is also part of my Patent Pending Status. Everyone I have discussed this with in the industry agrees this would be the true solution to maximum efficiency. This system creates less rotational mass, better rotational speed and maximizes the bike and the bike rider’s co-existence with high efficiency, without affecting their cross training between different types of bikes: (Road, Trail, Mountain, and Time Trial).

I see no other way to achieve this goal except the method I have designed on both products with Patent Pending Status.